This New Year

Put HOPE in the New Year! Love the Child operates on the generosity of people just like you – you help us buy milk, diapers, and food, and you make sure our precious little ones have quality care as they await their forever families.

How do you give HOPE? By joining us in ministry through sponsorship! Simply select your sponsorship level and complete the form. Your financial support is a gift to 50 little ones and those who tenderly care for them day in and day out.

provides a loving caregiver

300 Sponsors Needed

Give Love

provides medical care

40 Sponsors Needed

Give Health

provides diapers and wipes

15 Sponsors Needed

Give Care

provides a safe and secure home

20 Sponsors Needed

Give Shelter

provides nutritious meals and formula

20 Sponsors Needed

Give Food

Join Us in Giving Hope This Christmas